Adding a digital layer on the world of luxury and artisan goods by giving the product an identity – thus adding storytelling to the customer experience, increasing security for the consumer and lowering risk of counterfeit for the manufacturer.

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We are in stealth mode and set to launch in the beginning of 2021. Currently looking for interested consumers for beta-testing, auction houses, producers and investors. Let us know that you exist and we promise you’ll be the first to know as soon as we have something to share!

”Trade in pirated goods is now 3.3% of the total trade, and rising”

We are passionate about solving piracy by adding a digital identity stored in the blockchain to physical products within the artisan, luxury and premium segments. On top of that we are enabling each product to tell its story regarding how and by who it was produced and by whom it has been owned over its lifetime.

Thus, we give back control over brands to luxury producers, give artists better abilities to live of their works, create a more secure valuation of pre-owned products via real-time market data and creating a better investment climate for consumers on the second hand market. Everyone wins, except of course the counterfeiters and the villains.

With Unde you will know for sure, which itself will increase its value.