Join us!

We are on a mission do disrupt piracy, while at the same time improving the e2e customer experience of buying, owning and selling luxury and artisan goods. Through the use of blockchain and AI we add a digital layer to the products, they are given life and being able to tell stories that add to the experience and potentially to the value, at the same time decreasing the risk of piracy. Thus, a global and ”always-on” marketplace for new and vintage luxury is being created. In short – it will be magic!

We are currently in pre-seed phase focused on developing the MVP to prove the feasibility of the tech solution as well as the business potential in the concept. We are targeting to launch the MVP before end of 2020 and in order speed up this process we look to strengthen the team with a:

Full-stack mobile developer (internship)

Do you want to take part in an early stage startup, working with an exciting business concept with a clear benefit utilizing the latest tech together with a team of founders with more than 60 years of digital experience from both business and tech? Do you want to have the opportunity to combine studies with getting a strong project merit on your CV while at the same receiving equity in a company with a potential high reward if successful?

We expect you to:

  • Live, breathe and sleep digital and tech – as a student or similar wanting to combine theory with practice
  • Be a true tech-geek, yet with a curiosity on the business- and user-sides of things
  • Having experience/knowledge in either Android or iOS (both is a bonus)
  • Eager to learn new technologies and programming skills
  • Appreciate the early stage being able to work flexible in both time and place
  • Be able to put in at least 10-15 hours per week on average into the project

As we are in the pre-seed stage and thus very bootstrapped, we are unable to offer a salary at this time. However we will offer professional mentorship from a team of founders with many years in the industry and a network into future career steps and complete freedom in when and where you choose to work from.

We are also willing to offer an early equity package with a potential high reward, as well as being first in line for a permanent salaried role as soon as finances allow.

For more information, contact us with your CV at or +46730648197