Latest tech and solid focus on customer experience

Unde is on a mission to disrupt piracy and at the same time adding a new layer to the customer experience by giving each product a digital identity and a history to be told, where you as a consumer is an actor contributing to this story. Through this, we are also opening up a global marketplace for sales of artisan and luxury goods, with significant lowered risk of piracy.

The Unde-product will be built using blockchain and AI in a wonderful mixture. The founders of Unde have more than 80 years collective experience within tech, digital and retail. We are currently in stealth mode but are set to launch the beta during winter 2020.

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  • Unde is using blockchain technology to create a distributed database, offering transparency yet privacy

  • Through state-of-the-art algorithms and AI we will be able to refine the data to improve both user experience, manufacturer benefits and monetization
  • A presentation layer built as an mobile app, offering data on assets, market development and possibility to search, make offerings and transact

  • High social friction and gamification